Introducing Speech Labs

I'm very excited to announce the launch of Speech Labs. Speech Labs is the most intensive and personalized program available for speech and communications training.

Effective communication is valuable for everyone. Tens of thousands of students participate in speech and debate. Every adult who has spoken in a meeting or given a presentation knows that persuasive speaking is a cornerstone of influence. Founders, CEOs, politicians, and others know that their pitches and public statements can make or break careers. 

Unfortunately, learning public speaking is profoundly difficult, for two reasons:

First, it's just tough. We fear public speaking more than death. Millions of people find ignoring these fears easier than undertaking the stress of learning.

Second, high-quality speech coaching is scarce. Existing solutions fall in to several undesirable categories:

  • High-end private consultants. Not accessible to many. 
  • Corporate communications trainings. Every year or so, someone lectures you about how to make eye contact.
  • Large group coaching. You barely get to practice. 
  • Books, cheat sheets, videos. Provide no hands-on speaking experience. 

Because we are all former high school and college debaters, our team started thinking about this problem. Students--debaters, speakers, Model UN participants--also have limited options for learning. There are expensive summer camps with minimal individual instruction, or teacher-coaches, hired by schools, who balance dozens of students with administrative and teaching obligations.

That's why, last year, we started Debate Tutors: to make high quality, one-on-one debate coaching available to everyone. We held lessons online, utilizing video conferencing and other digital tools. We tutored students from around the world.

It was a resounding success. The digital model allowed us to personalize curricula for each student. We emphasized hands-on speaking practice over lectures. Since we could hear our students speak for hours, we gave highly targeted, in-depth feedback. Students learned on their time: before or after class, over the summer, or on weekends.  

We believe public speaking should be everyone's skill. Top-quality tutoring should be available to students participating in speech, debate, and public speaking classes. It should be available to adults who speak professionally, or simply want to overcome a long-time fear. It should be available to businesses, large and small, all of which could benefit from clearer communication. 

Today, we are expanding Debate Tutors' proven model to make our goal a reality. Speech Labs is online and in-person speech coaching for students and professionals everywhere. 

Interested in becoming a better speaker? Today's the day.