Give our championship-winning debate coaches a single mission: putting you on course to win your next tournament. We offer competition-tested, national-championship-proven tutoring and coaching for policy, Lincoln-Douglas (LD), public forum, middle school, and other debate formats.

Whether you’re just starting out or expect to be this year’s top debater, we can make you better. Select a recommended program or customize our coaching and prices to your goals, schedule, and budget.


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What our students are saying

Feedback was prompt, comprehensive, and extremely educational. I would recommend that debaters at every level take advantage of the opportunity to get advice from these instructors.
— Clyde, Georgetown University. University of Michigan Champion.
My experience was fast, easy, and immensely helpful … I learned a lot and am sure that these changes will help take my debating to the next level.
— Isabel. Emory University. Glenbrooks Top Speaker.