How does Speech Labs coaching work?

Generally, we work with clients in a series of recurring thirty minute or hour-long sessions. The number, frequency, and duration of these sessions is up to you. We offer pre-set plans for student speakers and debaters. For businesses, individuals, and students as well, we are happy to customize plans to suit your particular needs.

Our lessons are generally done over video conferencing (Skype or Google Hangouts). Please make sure you have a strong internet connection and working camera and microphone before beginning a session. 

We are always refining our teaching methods. Lessons may use other tools, such as video or audio recording software, to enhance your experience.   

I do a particular type of speech or debate activity (policy, LD, extemp, Model UN,...). Can you help me?

Absolutely. Good speeches are good speeches, no matter the topic, format, or speed. Whatever your speech or debate activity, we will use our expertise to make you more persuasive.

I'm not a debater. Do you offer general public speaking help?

Yes! And we offer lessons tailored for professional public speaking as well. 

What happens when I sign up for Speech Labs?

You'll be assigned a personal coach, who will reach out to build a curriculum and schedule that aligns with your goals. Your coach will also facilitate secure payments to Speech Labs. 

My argument, business information, or presentation is confidential. Can I share it with you? 

Absolutely. Speech Labs services are completely confidential. We will not share the content of your speeches, presentations, or any other personal information with anyone, including other clients.

Can I choose my instructor?

You cannot currently choose your instructor. Our small staff shares a tested and proven coaching philosophy, and we all vouch for the advice of any of our instructors.

How do I pay for my coaching package?

Speech Lab's payments are done securely over PayPal. We can also accept checks and other payment methods in special circumstances. 

What is your cancellation or refund policy?

To ensure you get the services you need, your personal instructor will confirm the details with you by email before you pay. However, should you need to cancel before a session occurs, we are happy to offer a full refund for the cost of that session.

Can I receive instruction with a partner? A group? My whole team?

Absolutely. We are happy to customize our plans for you and one other, or a small group, to work together.

If you are interested in team or business-wide instruction, we encourage you to check out our businesses page and send us a note.

Is in-person tutoring available?

We generally offer our services online, but can discuss in-person or other live options. Contact us with your request. 

None of the listed services meet my specific needs. Can you personalize a program?

Most of our services, by their very nature, are tailored to your needs. If you have a particular focus in mind, please let us know when you sign up. And if you have an idea for a new service, contact us to send it along.