Making your point is a crucial skill in the workplace. Whether you struggle presenting to your colleagues, need to perfect your pitch to investors, or want to run a better meeting, almost everyone stands to benefit from speech coaching. Now you can call on our decades of combined experience in persuasion to help you speak smarter.

Speech Labs is designed with executive leadership in mind. We provide consulting and training in the power of persuasion, tailored to your unique business, role, challenges, and opportunities. We collaborate with you to improve your speaking skills, on your terms.

Work with us to enhance your presence, improve the content of your speeches and presentations, develop confidence, and – quite simply – become more convincing. From speeches to meetings, pitches to interviews, we will bring out the best in what you have to say.

What do we teach?

In short, it depends on you! Some professionals want to work on a specific skill. Others are preparing for a single presentation. Some want to focus on meetings, or on keynotes. Others want general communications training, where we study speaking, writing, leadership, and presence, and meld them into a coherent whole. Whatever your goals, we'll create a completely personalized curriculum to achieve them. 

Our services often include:

How else can we help you succeed? 

Get in touch, tell us about yourself, and get a custom plan built just for you. 

What our clients are saying

Speech Labs helped me identify subtle speaking habits that I had never noticed before. After practicing live during the training, they gave me a personalized action plan that I’ve found to be incredibly useful in the workplace.
— Charlene Lee // Product Marketing Manager @ Google // Wellesley College.
I loved the tailored experience, and would recommend the class to anyone who’s looking to improve their public speaking skills in a short amount of time.
— Joy Mao // Assistant Account Manager @ MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER Advertising // University of Chicago.