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“The Speech Labs workshop on how to represent positions regarding some of the most hotly debated topics in early childhood education was an inspirational and energizing experience for my entire team. Seth immediately captured everyone’s attention and interest, and by the end of the session they were hanging on to every word. It is no exaggeration to say that the entire team felt that it was the most engaging and productive team activity that we have ever had. Even today, almost 2 months out, my team is still talking about what a great day it was and how much they learned from and appreciated Seth’s leadership, insights, and perspective.”

— Elanna Yalow, Chief Academic Officer, KinderCare

A unique & fully customized corporate workshop

Companies make their toughest decisions through a healthy process of debate: executives with different opinions make their case to decision-makers, marshaling data, history, and logic to support their positions. Yet this process is often haphazard and ad hoc. Too few companies have access to debate and decision-making experts who can facilitate deep, well-argued deliberation.

In this signature workshop, Speech Labs instructors help your executives or employees answer the most difficult questions in your industry or in your company’s future, through an organized debate activity. This unique activity serves so many purposes:

  • Informing important corporate decisions

  • Developing public speaking and communication skills

  • Learning healthy ways to make disagreement productive

  • Enhancing critical thinking

  • Team-building

  • Packaging all these benefits into a game ideal for a corporate retreat or a change of pace in the office