• Over 30 years of teaching experience, spanning debate, public speaking, competitive speech, corporate and political communications.
  • Worked with hundreds of businesses and organizations spanning industries and continents.
  • Five national debate championships won.
  • Six national debate championships coached.

Jonathan Paul


As the former director of debate at Georgetown University, Jonathan Paul has built a historic career teaching the art of persuasion to students and professionals. In less than a decade, he coached four national championships in competitive debate: two at the college National Debate Tournament and two at the high school Tournament of Champions. These add to a college national championship he won as a debater at Northwestern University.

His well-reviewed classes for U.S. government employees have changed hundreds of careers for the better.

These results were built on skills instruction, practice speeches, and strategy sessions — a formula that now provides the model for Speech Labs. Jonathan has appeared as a television commentator and works as a professional, political, and legal consultant.   

Seth Gannon

Seth Gannon writes and speaks on many topics. As a co-founder of Speech Labs, Seth has coached TED Talks presenters, executives at Fortune 500 companies, veterans of the White House podium, and thousands of others in public speaking and debate.

He has won, coached, and judged national championships in competitive debate, and has appeared on radio and in front of large audiences on topics from terrorism to the environment. His essays and fiction have appeared with Slate, the Paris Review, the Pacific Standard, and elsewhere. His commentary on Kellyanne Conway for Vox received over 20 million views.

He is an adjunct fellow in global health at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington, D.C., and in 2011 served as a staff liaison for the President’s Advisory Committee on Trade Policy & Negotiations. A proud Demon Deacon, he graduated from Wake Forest University in 2009.

Andrew Markoff


Andrew Markoff is one of the best debaters in history and a veteran of national and local political campaigns.

In addition to a high school debate national championship, Andrew won the 2012 and 2014 college National Debate Tournaments, as well as the 2013 Copeland Award for the most successful team in the regular season. Judges and competitors knew Andrew for his complete command of arguments and evidence.

Andrew has applied his communications experience across professional contexts. In addition to his campaign experience, he has worked for Jake Tapper at CNN, for President Obama's economic advisors at the White House, and in a variety of roles at Dropbox, from analytics to sales. At every step, he has maintained a commitment to teaching, working with people of all skill levels to improve their speaking abilities.