“A trait always noticeable in a successful leader is the ability to persuade others.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

Successful professional communication requires changing minds. Whether you are presenting a product, recommending a new strategy, or motivating your team to tackle the next challenge, it is essential effectively sell yourself and your ideas. Our persuasive speaking course will help you master the strategies that advance your message in the workplace.

You’ll learn to define your target audience and tailor your message strategically to maximize the chance of results. You will leave with techniques grounded in rhetorical theory as well as evidence-based strategies to develop and deliver persuasive messages.

In our one-day seminar, we cover:

• How to identify the barriers to persuasion
• Techniques to tailor your message to particular audiences
• Ways to establish credibility as a speaker
• Tools to communicate with emotion
• Developing logical and well-supported ideas
• Essential communication strategies to make you more persuasive