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"You can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills like public speaking.” — Warren Buffet

Our public speaking seminar is designed to give you the confidence and tools to deliver effective and engaging presentations and speeches. Our instructors don’t just recycle tired strategies from communication textbooks. We give you easy techniques to prepare a clear message and deliver it with charisma.

Everyone who enrolls in our one-day public speaking training will have at least three opportunities to deliver sample presentations and receive feedback from our expert instructors. This dedicated practice is the best way to make rapid improvement as speaker, allowing us to diagnose and address weaknesses particular to your communication style and harness your unique strengths as a presenter.

In our one-day seminar, you will learn:

• Strategies to overcome nervousness
• Engaging the audience to make your message resonate
• Organizational models to help structure presentations
• Delivery techniques to improve clarity
• Use of vocal tools to convey tone and emphasize key ideas
• Non-verbal communication skills to reinforce your content
• Practice drills to help you continue improving long after the course