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“Anyone who wishes to become a good writer should endeavor to be direct, simple, brief, vigorous, and lucid.” — H.W. Fowler

In the 21st century, nearly every job is a writing job. Professionals are responsible for emails, proposals, reports, social media posts, newsletters, and so much more. Meanwhile, readers are inundated—asked to read more even as they have less time.

The secret to cutting through the noise is clarity and concision. In a one-day seminar fueled by real-life examples and practice exercises, Speech Labs takes the famous advice from The Elements of Style—“Omit needless words”—and extends it to needless phrases, details, and digressions.

Learn to write punchier sentences with our ruthless style of editing, by killing filler and making strategic decisions about what matters to your reader. We cover:

• The principles of good writing
• Barriers between us and the reader
• The elimination of filler words and phrases
• Tactics to save awkward or unclear sentences
• The power of the active voice
• Introductions that show readers what’s in it for them