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“Teaching is about taking things apart; writing is about putting things together.” — Toni Morrison

When we write professionally, we write for a particular audience with a particular goal. Unlike some other forms of writing, we set out not only to inform but to achieve results. How can writing, which often seems passive or lifeless on the page, came alive to change how our reader thinks or behaves?

This one-day class will give you the tools of written persuasion—the strategies that help you change minds and spur action. Get up to speed on the latest breakthroughs in how readers react to different styles of writing, and learn how the tone, sequence, and phrasing of your ideas can help them past the defenses of even a hostile reader.

You will leave with strategies to:

• Grab and hold the reader’s interest
• Create a human connection on the page
• Establish the credibility of your work
• Structure ideas in the most persuasive order
• Write with “flow” that absorbs the reader
• Make your reader amenable to a controversial position
• Craft sentences that pack a punch